Mistress of Whips BDSM

Mistress of Whips BDSM


Username: mistress-cleo
Description: Legion, donner de force nous etre
URL: http://www.catmistress.com
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2014-05-20 13:42:02

2014-02-20 17:01:37
Yes I remember that day very fondly.

you arent going to put another one in.

yes tiffany, another one, and then another and another and another til there were 9.

did we run out of candles or did you think that was enough.
Ran out i presume.

wish we were back there right now with extra boxes of candles, bigger cigar, digital camera.

i always thought you were wearing your strap on, but i must have been mistaken.

i remember you got out the double ended dildo after the candles were removed and inserted that, into the the other slave and i.


2014-02-12 14:26:05
slave wants castration

2013-03-11 16:04:02
Oh dear Catmistress, how delicious,
In her leather, my heart turns to feather,
Like a tender fleshling,
In the torture, that will tender,
My flesh to mere service.

The pain she brings,
My mind thus sings,
for the clamp that clings,
And flog that stings,
The belt shall welt,
My weeps will be felt.

Like a bullied fool,
My heart still drools
Of all the tools,
Of toil and pain,
And tears and vein,
The emotions scream devotion,
To debasement and degradation,
In dirt and deflation,
My heart must awaken

2013-01-02 20:02:14
Marilyn, thanks for drnpipog by! Another Santorini lover but then, who isn't? I hope you enjoy the book!Jane, I think it is a place that stays in your memories forever everything is just so vivid the sea and sky and dazzling white buildings against the black volcanic cliffs just stunning. I don't think I'd fancy being a donkey and having to walk up and down those steps all day, but yeah, they're so cute with their beads. A real feature.

2012-05-29 11:50:29
I was the one, who decided his fate.
Condemned him, selected a suitable date.
He had committed so grievous a sin.
He could only expect the sentence I had given.

I ordered him flogged, chained to a post
My women competed to scourge him the most
When finally I started with my new cat o' nine tails
It crisscrossed his flesh with those reddening trails.

I counted aloud the strokes of the scourge.
Watching each lash, I admired his courage.
His response to the pain, so impressive to me.
He never screamed out,or begged for mercy.

At my command, he now was stripped naked.
He stood before me, utterly humiliated.
I ordered him down, arms outstretched on that beam
And strapped to the cross by my faithful team

I bent and nailed his palms to the beam.
And now he could not choke back an inevitable scream.
I impaled his flesh in a red mist of lust,
This punishment deemed to be so fitting and just

I then watched him lifted aloft, unable to stand ,
Up he was hoisted, hung by the nails in his hands.
When I nailed his crossed feet to that block of wood,
It stirred into life a Mistress' true woman-hood.

He didn't have much of a body to flout,
But I liked the way his cock stuck out.
It was most stimulating for me just to watch.
To see it sway, as it rose from his crotch.

Here was this man, impaled before me.
Writhing, and twisting, in deserved agony.
I watched his naked body strain,
As he shifted his weight, to ease the pain.

It seemed to me it was rather admirable.
The way he endured something so terrible.
He hung there, in such a devoted fashion.
It ignited within me, a much longed-for passion.

I remember that day with intense emotion
When my slave gave his all in total devotion
The sight of my slave devastated in pain
I must have it over and over again!

2011-12-09 14:56:32
Goddess You keep spoiling Your lowly ardent admirers granting us inferior pigs glimpses on Your wonderful life and lifestyle. Your beauty is so immaculate, Your generosity so overwhelming, please allow me to bow to Your perfection and superiority and worship the ground You walk on

2011-11-21 11:20:17
hail to the preeminence that exusts above us, the great Cat Mistress, who lives as worshiped through any and all!! and thanks be lavished upon Her splendor with our gratitude provided for such opportunity ... amen

2011-11-15 12:21:20
Mistress Cleo, Rest your feet up on my strong back, A footstool I can be as you relax, I promise to clean, worship and kiss your feet, Your adoring foot slave, the ultimate treat.

2011-11-14 01:30:33
greetings Mistress Cleo,
hope this sissy don't disturb You M'Lady
here this sissy want to express that this sissy would be honored to serve servitude of being Your ponysissy if Mistress would desire.
kindest regards

2011-11-08 15:51:39
What a wonderful way to light Your cigar Mistress Cleo, with candles in your slaves arse and You look so phantastic and stunning in Your catsuit and beautiful rubber boots. You are so generous and spoil Your underlings so endlessly. That must be so cool to be Your anal whore. Beautiful image, beautiful lady, beautiful cigar

2011-11-07 11:53:33
I kneel with mouth open for ashtray use, your slave

2011-11-05 16:02:28
Supreme Mistress Cleo, your pigs worship the ground you walk upon and only mud is Schweine reward deserved

2011-10-29 12:28:27
- if You are a Dominant, You will be granted that other house-slaves be at Your beck and call in basic servitude such as fetching a refreshment and laundry needs. Dominants are permitted to bring extra refreshments to the premises, if You so wish to do so.
- if you are a visiting submissive, you do not have any of these extra privilages granted to you at anytime whatsoever.

2011-09-11 20:08:28
it was the ultimate experience to be in a cage which Mistress Cleo held the key to

2011-09-01 10:18:52
I am standing clad in just a waist cincher, black leather with 8 suspender straps holding up my seamed lace top stockings, feet encased in 6inch stiletto heels, A rubber ball gag is placed into my mouth and the strap secured, Leather wrist and ankle restraints are next on the list and Mistress Cleo locks them in place

2011-08-29 10:19:09
Mistress Cleo,
Clad in leather from head to toe,
ready to torture another slutty foe.
I am grabbed and forced over a stock,
just as well I'm wearing no frock.

2011-08-21 13:26:06
Cold and dark, the floor is where I kneel, For it's the wrath of Mistress I am about to feel. Her power and beauty so very strong, this is something I have been yearning long. In the distant I hear her strut, she has me chained here as her mutt. The door opens and there she appears, Mistress Supreme, Mistress Cleo

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