Mistress Cleo
Strictly Professional.
International Dominatrix.
ProDomme since 1982.

No Sexual Services. Strictly BDSM.

It is best that you clarify what you seek, as I am very broadly experienced.

ACHTUNG!3 month Advance Bookings Required.
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Outcalls & Events: §BGB
Negotiable pending activities and location.

rent a cage incarceration:
Travel & Health Insurances must be proven by the client.

Short Term Locations: Fully equipped Professional Studios.
UK • London, England.
EU • Berlin, Germany
• Minimum session scenario time is 24hours.
• Check-in/Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. daily.
• Minimum Deposit Non-Refundable is £1000/€1000 §BGB

Long Term Location: Fully equipped Professional Studios.
EU • Berlin, Germany.
Maximum session scenario time is 3 months for a non-EU Citizen and, 1 year for an EU Citizen.
Check-in/Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. monthly.
• Minimum Non-Refundable Deposit to Bank is €10.000 §BGB

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• Language: English.

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•   I Am Femdom Personified. Be careful what you ask for ~ I deliver.   •

• Discretion expected and assured as per the Agreement & General terms and conditions & Disclaimer of this website.

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